Come see us at 1217 Harris Avenue (map below) or call us at 360-778-1261 anytime from 8am until 3:30 pm.  Enjoy homemade soup, fresh baked quiche, espresso, drip coffee, homemade granola and, of course, all our award-winning scratched baked pastries and desserts. And you can do all this while you watch our fabulous bakers at work. The sweet smells of fresh baked everything in the air alone make it worth a visit.


Come enjoy a latté or one of our special Belgian Chocolate mochas while you check out our view of Bellingham Bay enjoying a fresh scratch baked pastry. You can also buy freshly baked whole cakes and desserts here or put in orders for your special occasion.

MB Fairhaven | 1217 Harris Ave. B’ham, WA 98225 | 360-778-1261